Steer in Mexico received the “Friend of the Planet” award in the first edition of the UK-Mexico GREAT Business Awards

Acknowledging the urgency and magnitude of the global climate crisis, in 2019 Steer joined the Net Zero climatic initiative, with the vision of successfully operating as a Net Zero Carbon company in 2030. To do this, Steer has globally implemented a zero-carbon footprint policy. 

In 2022, we achieved our first objectives: becoming carbon neutral, compensating our emissions, adopting planning measures at a company level and in local actions through the development of a local environmental action plan (LEAP) that will help us to achieve our objective in 2030. Thus, at a company level, we have identified and monitored the reduction in carbon emissions in all our offices.  

In the case of Mexico, our LEAP is governed by four categories focused on energy saving, travel reduction, waste management, and responsible purchasing. In addition, we have included to our plan the exchange of knowledge, collaborations, and donations for reforestation and maintenance of green areas in the country. 

So far, we have implemented measures for energy saving by changing to a more efficient lighting system and adopting good practices towards more responsible consumption. 

Regarding our trips, 74% of our professional team travels to the office in Mexico City using sustainable modes of transportation; either walking, riding a bike, or using public transportation. In addition, we have opted for virtual meetings to avoid a higher number of commutes, considering the type of project, and establishing from the beginning with our clients the number of meetings that will be held virtually or in person using sustainable modes of transportation during the project development. We reduce our national and/or international travel as much as possible and, in case we do travel, we use environmentally friendly airlines.  

In terms of waste management and responsible purchasing, we have chosen to reduce the use of plastic. Preferring reusable materials and acquiring 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly products. 

At Steer, we are committed to conducting periodic research to identify new ideas to promote decarbonization and supporting our clients with industry knowledge and skills in transitioning to a low carbon future. 

Considering that the transportation sector contributes to 21% of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions due to the use of fossil fuels worldwide, transitioning is critical not only to cleaner technologies (including electric vehicles), but to a more sustainable mobility. In this sense, one of the barriers to fleet replacement is the high initial cost compared to combustion engine vehicles, so the transition should be supported with financial products and business models that recognize the environmental and social benefits generated by fleet replacement. 

Steer has been an advisor for several development financial institutions seeking to overcome this obstacle using customized financial instruments. In 2021, Steer advised the Banco Nacional de Obras y Servicios Públicos (National Works and Public Services Bank), the most prominent development bank in Mexico, for the design of specialized financial products for the electrification of two public transportation lines. Currently, Steer is part of a consortium that is advising the Banco Nacional de Costa Rica (National Bank of Costa Rica) in the design of its green financial products. Additionally, the cities Curitiba and Salvador da Bahia, in Brazil, are receiving advice from Steer for the implementation of electric fleets in their public transportation system, which will represent a fleet with more than 200 zero-emission buses. 

Other projects that we have developed from our office in Mexico are: 




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