John Geelan

Principal Consultant

John has over 15 years’ experience and is an expert in travel behaviour change. He has worked across the UK and overseas delivering programmes to influence travel patterns.

Since joining Steer in 2002, John has been responsible for managing or directing large scale behaviour change initiatives, including over 30 personal travel planning projects, in diverse locations from Kirkwall to Hackney. He has an extensive experience in projects that have been tailored to client needs including increasing active travel to improve health and inclusion outcomes and improving air quality in congested urban areas. John has also worked to transfer his expertise overseas to goDCgo, Washington D.C.’s behaviour change programme.

At Steer, John supports the UK planning division working with colleagues and project partners to develop innovate and effective approaches to influencing travel behaviour.

Articles and insights by this expert

20 May 2019

10 years of behaviour change in West of England

Behavioural and attitudinal change often takes time and persistence to achieve – one only needs to look at the challenges relating to smoking cessation, or various types of discrimination, to see how long entrenched behaviours and attitudes can take to change and new cultural norms to become established. Influencing travel behaviour is no different.

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