Richard Harper

Richard Harper

Richard has over 30 years’ experience developing and delivering solutions in rail sector operations, revenue and cost efficiency. Richard’s strengths include strategy and planning, commercial and funding, service delivery, timetables and performance across public transport modes.

Richard joined Steer after 17 years working for train operators and TOC owning groups. He gained extensive rail bidding experience in leadership roles, including Bid Director (Wales & Borders), and leading timetable and rolling stock teams for the successful Northern and London Overground bids (2014/5). Richard was a key member of Chiltern Railways’ business development team, promoting and delivering the unique Evergreen enhancements, including the Oxford line.

At Steer, Richard leads a portfolio of Rail team projects such as P-Rep assurance, rail investment cases, operational performance review and delivery of contract obligations for clients in the UK and worldwide.

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